Sunday, February 28, 2010


Perceptions are various depend on what’s in their mind. Our perceiving is different by many factors, such as, status, education, or lifestyle. Therefore, the topic that I choose for this final manifesto is “UNTERWATER PERCEPTION DUE TO SPACE” This topic comes up when I wonder were there any different among me and other when drowning under water, will they think the same as mine?, no one can tell. Moreover, it has been inspire from my experience and also from the poem that one tell the story of drowning. From his poem make me realize of the feeling when some have to think while they struggling underwater, with childhood memory, it quite surprising me that his feeling is similar as mine. There are seven steps while spending my minute underwater, which those steps will be comparing by the perception of my space, to scope the topic down to the real space.1.Sea--------------------------------------------Space
2.Feeling of darkness and fearful----------------Activity
3.Struggling and fighting for air----------------Activity
4.Imagination of death---------------------------Activity
5.Thinking of childhood memories-----------------Culture or lifestyle
6.Hard to breath, no more bubble release from body--Culture or lifestyle

The word “SPACE” is compared with the sea, because, water surrounded all of your body while you are thinking or imagine, it is kind of like a silently small dark room, no one can hear what you are thinking or feeling. Moreover, activity is what you are doing while you staying in that room, such as imagine, feeling, or struggling. Those activities refer to the stories or memories that you are thinking of, it is of cause will depend on your lifestyle or your experience that make you think like that. Then as in the result, it is what will happen afterward, which is what we cannot predict, some may go in peace but some got help from the other, so as designer space cannot predict that this space will aim to what activity.

You may confuse why I compared drowning with space, the reason is that, underneath water is the place where I can think, memorize, or even imagine of many thing similarly to the recording room that protect sound from outer area. On the other hand, the sea is surely not the place where designer design as a meditation place for sure. Therefore, the word “SPACE” become part of my perception because underwater will effect nothing if my imagination is not part of it. Space can be anything, anyplace, or anywhere. Space itself cannot be called space if there is no activity or man makes it happen. That is why designer, nowadays, may feel guilty when they want this space to be as they expect but it is inverse. There are many factors to support that mistake, which are, location, planning, and personal habit. For example, at Phra Phutta Yodfa Bridge, this bridge is aim for transportation and side walking beside it, however, when government allows merchant to set their shop in market underneath the bridge, activities have changed. This place can be called as Flower Market too, which I think this road would feel like a garden of flower. However, when I have been there by myself, there is a little society in a dark market, because the second hand product and …?….things. Some of those group shift to the top of the bridge to be their voyaging area, or a gathering place, which effect to the transportation. Therefore, the activity that it use to be a historical place has change due to time and culture that change our perception.

To conclude all the presentation, space is everything not just on the land but in the water. Emptiness is like karma that effect in the future. None of the architect can predict the activity in the space, user is the one who control it.

Monday, February 22, 2010


To talk about design nowadays, digital or as we all known as technology has become the most important. All the abstract or unshaped form that many designer, such as, Greg Lynn, that create animation, building structure, and sculpture are all easy to form by using MAYA then finding the section in RHINO. Those are the programs that help for viewing the form the section by using grasshopper tool. However, what am I am going to emphasis is not the way to form those shape but it is about the theory underneath the process of creating those thing which likely called TRACE.


Trace is a flexible word that may change depend on the one who transfer it. With the reason to support those changes, I come up with the way people use their brain to memorize their word or lecture. For example, when A tell B one sentence, B may understand the meaning of that sentence, but B may tell C in another type of sentence with same meaning. Which mean that there is always appear the absent in every Trace.(FLEXIBLE)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Denial Libeskind : JEWISH MUSEUM

What am I going to talk about may not relate to the lecture because of confusing, but I am going to talk is the combination between my psycho geographical map and Jewish Museum. From Danial Libeskind’s work, Jewish Museum, is all about line and map that trace on the façade and plan. The way he did is kind of like an approaching thing to convey the user to different space. Which link to my personal phycho geographical mapping that using line to represent the direction, however, the line itself is also represented the key approach too. There is no right or wrong in drawing the map or creating its, all we have to concern of is the way we represent to the other by symbolic or line.



Tuesday, February 2, 2010



Begins with the class lecture this week is so complicated for me, however, what I get is just the three words that may relate to my personal city map, which are symmetry, geometry, and perception.

This is a map of Charoenkung Rd., between Soi 36 to 40. Firstly I try to solve the problem of the map nowadays, which is flat and hard for the user to imagine of the street or road would be like. Moreover, as the world is improving so fast with a high rise building or some roof covers the scene. People would be hard to see the upper floor. Therefore, I did this map in a unshaped form to represent the unlimited of city growing with a elevation of buildings to make people see it clear enough to find the way or imagine the street. All of this is the way I want user to perceive the map out of 2 dimensions way.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Nowadays, architecture becomes part of every religious or worshipping place, which make many questioning of, Does the temple of church SCRED or PROFANE????...-

From the quote of Giorgio Agambers, “Sacred and Profane are not a perception of good or bad.” This quote makes me questioning of why they are all in equally in my mind, it is really no good or bad in architecture if we compared between those two. However, there is a reference to answer or critic for my mind.

It is true that god of each religious, such as Buddha image, Jesus Christ, etc, is very important and be reasonable to respect, but why many still build temple or church to cover those GODS. Believer respect god in the way god teach or the bible said, but architecture is just a memorable to make people remember the identity of that place. For example, Lao, Thailand, Burma, are respect in the same god which is Buddha, but the style and decoration is different, shown in the picture.

However, many of new building that redesign the‘ศาลพระภูมิ’ by following their concept, I’m agree that it is beautiful, but somehow it is very bad even they said ‘the way we respect ศาลพระภูมิ is the same as normal traditional one’ I think this is my profane example.

In conclusion, sacred and profane between architecture and religious still be a confusing contrast for me^^’


To ask myself, ‘HOW MANUFACTURED CHANGE MY PERCEPTION?’ I would say, there are many how that people invest for changing people perception. However, to begin answering the question, what I have to do is to find the definition of ‘perception’. Perception is the way people perceive in 5 ways, which are, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching but what am I going to focus is not a perceiving in those way. The thing that I will focus is a perception in the way of imagination from reading, emotional perceiving, and illusion painting.

The first perception that comes from my mind is the imagination from reading. This becomes my interesting perception because there is a lot of fiction that describe the story in a beautiful way and my imagination is starting to grow; however, when I watch the film of that fiction, it’s so disappointed. The example is NARNIA; the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. In this fiction there is the sentence describe the characteristic of the actor which make reader imagine in different way.

“He was only a little taller than Lucy herself and he carried over his head an umbrella, white with snow. From the waist upwards he was like a man, but his legs were shaped like a goat's (the hair on them was glossy black) and instead of feet he had goat's hoofs.”

The second one is an emotional perceiving from products that change people perception in term of feeling in different way. I’m interested in two products which are cup and mask protection. There is a designer who creates a graphic on those simple products which change perception of people, including feeling and emotional. The user may feel nothing about using or wearing the product because it doesn’t change any shape or form but it just changes the color or picture.
The third one is about an abstract illutional painting. This is another perception that emphasis on visual perception including experience. What am I interesting in these painting is that, there are a story behind it if you see the detail of its. Some people may not see what is in the picture out of what see but some can see. The example is the picture of two Mexican enjoying their life but behind it there are two old man facing against each other.

In conclusion, manufacture can change human perception, some are good but some are bad it is depend on what you perceive.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The word ‘EMPTY’ becomes the main part in this post. Empty itself may mean nothing inside or between or underneath something but in architecture ‘EMPTY’ is various. There is two quote that I’m interested from the class which are; ‘Emptiness is like KARMA that effect in the future’ and another is ‘Empty form is not useless form but utility has become a floating signifier.’ By Reinhold Martin.

Begins with the first quote that said ‘Emptiness is like KARMA that effect in the future’, this sentence make me realize of the space where it be now compare to the future. The function, program, or form may change by following the user, which is flexible and unpredictable. Refers t o the empty room that blank of furniture, however, when one comes in bed and sofa may replace the emptiness space to the full function.

‘Empty form is not useless form but utility has become a floating signifier.’ Is a part of the texts by Reinhold Martin. In this sentence is also tells the meaning of empty space in an architecture approach. Which the space is happen contingency by lifestyle or the way people live, compared to the architectural term :